June 15, 2024

Following Brighton’s defeat, Newcastle’s co-owner has issued a harsh warning to fans.

After a crushing defeat like Newcastle United’s at the hands of Brighton today, it’s difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but Jamie Reuben is attempting to shine his own.

Newcastle supporters will be feeling pretty down tonight after their third consecutive defeat, but it wasn’t just the result that was disappointing this time; it was also the manner in which it occurred.

A lackluster team struggled to have an influence on the game. Even though Eddie Howe made multiple substitutions to try to break up Brighton’s dominance 10 minutes into the second half, nothing appeared to go right for the Magpies.

On X, Jamie Rueben took the time to thank the viewers.
The drive from Newcastle to Brighton is the longest in the Premier League, and now many Newcastle fans face a long, long journey home after witnessing what may be Eddie Howe’s worst performance since saving us from relegation.

Co-Owner Jamie Reuben, on the other hand, has attempted to rally the troops with a message to the supporters on X, stating, “Not the result we wanted- thank you to the incredible @NUFC fans who travelled so far and made their voices heard throughout.” The photo is courtesy of @OfficialBHAFC. We’ll come back stronger. #WeAreUnited”

We will recover; the only question is when. Hopefully, over the international break, Howe can work on things so that when we return to competition, we look more like a team than we did tonight.

Although the outcome was not what we had hoped for, we would want to thank the great @NUFC fans that traveled so far and made their opinions known throughout. The photo is courtesy of @OfficialBHAFC. We’ll come back stronger. #WeAreAllOne @ghodoussi

September 2, 2023 — Jamie Reuben (@jamiereuben)

Bruno and Tonali aren’t working well together in the middle.
Something isn’t quite right at the moment, and it appears to be coming from the midfield, where Sandro Tonali and Bruno Guimaraes don’t appear to be connecting. Both appear to seek the same thing.
Eddie Howe will need to create a strategy to make that duo work, but both will be on international duty over the break, so he won’t be able to pound it into them.

This emotion, this ancient feeling from the days of Steve Bruce. I’d forgotten how it felt to lose multiple games in a row. Let us hope this does not happen again. We had a rough start to the campaign, but now that we’re out of it, let’s get started!

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