June 15, 2024

Rams Among Teams Logging Most Mileage Via Travel in 2024

Los Angeles will travel far and wide this season.

With the release of the new NFL schedule, we got to see when and where teams would face each other for the upcoming season. Within it, the Los Angeles Rams will be posting some very heavy miles during travel.

Ranking all 32 teams (including the Seahawks) by 2024 travel distance

In fact, according to bookies.com, Los Angeles will log the sixth-most amount of miles in the NFL this season. They will travel 24263 miles throughout the entire season, spending time in 26 different time zones.

LA Rams will travel 6th-most miles of any NFL team in 2024

This high mileage is aided by the Rams’ few games played in the South and on the East Coast of the United States. The New York Jets, New Orleans Saints, and New England Patriots games all matter.

After an unexpected run to the playoffs the previous year, Los Angeles will be hoping to return to the postseason. They intend to return to the summit and think they have what it takes to contend for another Super Bowl victory.

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